Dr. Audronė Usonienė

About Infertility

How often does the infertility occur?

According to the data of World Health Organization (WHO) every sixth couple in the world is familiar with fertility problems (i.e. about 10-15 % of all families). Repeatedly the infertility is faced by 10-25% of couples that already have a child. About 50-80 million people of the world are suffering from infertility. Considering the data of epidemiologic tests, there are about 50000 infertile families in Lithuania. Every year the number increases by 2000.

What is infertility?

Infertility is the inability of a family to have children, when the family lives a normal sexual life and does not uses any contraceptive devices for one year.

Infertility is included into the nomenclature of international diseases of World Health Organization(WHO) (N46 – male sterility, N96 – relative female sterility, N97 – female sterility).